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3 Topics for Talking About Addiction Recovery

As any addict knows, addiction doesn’t happen in a vacuum. There are myriad reasons you turn to substances to escape reality. When you enter recovery, those things don’t magically go away.

In fact, they often become more apparent, and that’s why you need to talk about them. With that in mind, here are 3 topics for talking about addiction recovery with your sobriety partners and in group meetings.

1. Anger Management

This is a big one. When you get angry, it’s easy to reach for a bottle or whatever substance you like to suppress your emotions. That’s why managing your anger is vital for addiction recovery.

You used to reach for your preferred substance, but now you have to learn how to recognize your anger and manage it in ways that are more effective and healthier. When you can do that, you can begin the process of taming the demons that lead you astray.

2. Triggers for Substance Use

Everyone has triggers of some kind. Some people have triggers that cause a particular emotional reaction. For addicts, triggers cause you to want to use.

The thing about triggers is that they are created by emotional wounds you received, often in childhood. So maybe when you smell a particular smell or hear certain sounds or someone says or does something familiar, you’re triggered to use.

Triggers control you until you heal those old wounds. That’s why it’s vital to discover your triggers, find out what’s at the root of those triggers, and start healing those old wounds so that nothing and no one can control you except you.

3. Healthy Coping Strategies

All addiction really amounts to is an unhealthy coping strategy. At some point, you were in a bad situation that hurt you, and now you reach for your substance of choice to forget the pain, get through the bad times, or help you soothe yourself. But there are better ways to cope with life’s challenges.

When you became addicted, you probably didn’t know any other way to numb the pain, so you did the best you could. But there are many other ways to not only deal with the painful moments that life hands everyone but to heal those old wounds.

When you discover those new, healthy coping strategies, you don’t need the substance you’ve chosen to numb the pain anymore. You’ll know a better way to get through difficult moments, and that is a very empowering truth to know.

Sober Sidekick Connections Can Help!

The Sober Sidekick community is over 150,000 members strong, and they have a lot of wisdom about these 3 topics for talking about addiction recovery between them. They’ve seen it all, and they’ve done it all, so there’s no judgment here.

That’s why it’s a great way to share your difficulties, questions, history, and pain. You can do that with accountability partners, the Sober Sidekick community at large, or in a virtual AA meeting, which you can join any time of the day or night. You’re welcome here, and together, we can find better answers to the difficulties we all encounter.

Join the Sober Sidekick community today, and start that healing process while you talk with people who understand the difficulties you face as you go down the road of addiction recovery.

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