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4 Myths About Online Support Groups for Sobriety, Debunked

Everything is online nowadays, but many people are worried about online support groups for sobriety. They think that online platforms aren’t secure or that they aren’t very effective.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there, but what’s the truth? To counter some of that misinformation, let’s debunk 4 myths about online support groups for sobriety.

1. Online Support Groups aren’t Confidential

A lot of people worry about the confidentiality of online support groups for sobriety, particularly given the news of data breaches that we hear almost every day.

The truth is that many online support groups for sobriety can secure your privacy even more than in-person groups. Many, like Sober Sidekick, build anonymity right into the platform.

That makes online support groups for sobriety even more secure than other types of support groups.

2. Online Support Groups for Sobriety Aren’t Effective

The great thing about online sobriety support platforms is that you have access to them 24/7. That means you don’t have to wait for a meeting to be scheduled in your area.

You can join a virtual AA meeting, reach out to an accountability partner, or get support from a large community of recovering addicts who know exactly how you feel.

For this reason, online support groups can be even more effective for helping you get and stay sober for longer. They can significantly reduce your chances of relapse.

3. There Aren’t Any Professional Counselors in Online Support Groups

Maybe that’s true for some online support platforms, but Sober Sidekick offers access to professional therapists so you can reach out when you feel you need them.

In fact, oftentimes, you have more access to a professional counselor on an online platform than you would if you had to schedule an appointment and wait for days or even weeks to see someone in person.

4. Online Support Group Platforms are Expensive

On the contrary, many online support platforms, like Sober Sidekick, are free to download and use. They are often built by recovering addicts who have a genuine desire to offer other recovering addicts the help they know they need.

One of the biggest risk factors for addiction is a sense of isolation, and online support groups offer a great way to fight that feeling. You have easy, free access to an entire community of people who know exactly how you feel.

Sober Sidekick: An Online Support Platform That Works

Sober Sidekick is an online peer community of more than 175,000 recovering addicts. They know what addiction is like, and they genuinely want to help. Empathy is the fuel that powers the community at Sober Sidekick, so you’ll never have to feel judged.

We know that your chances of success are much better if you have a supportive community you can turn to when you feel that old, familiar urge. That’s why we created the Sober Sidekick platform, and we’ve helped thousands of addicts stand strong in their sobriety.

On Sober Sidekick, you can join a virtual AA meeting 24/7, talk to a professional therapist, reach out to your accountability partner, and get help from a huge community of recovering addicts. I know we can help you get and stay sober! Give it a try today.

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Not bad, good examples and a fairly sober view of the situation, which pleased me personally, because most of these articles write all sorts of nonsense. When I was in the club, I wrote a literature review on the topic of addiction to various substances, and in most cases it was alcohol, because it is the most widespread and even more so completely legal, so there is more material, respectively. I realized that the more irresponsible a person is in relation to alcohol, the more likely he or she is to die from it.

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