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5 Things All Addicts do to Remain Sober

Life is hard, and if you’re trying to remain sober, you’re going to be exposed to situations or people that make you want to use. That’s just the hard truth, so how can you stay sober?

There are some things that all addicts do to remain sober. The following 5 things can help you stay on the wagon, even when times are hard.

1. Self-Care

When you switch the focus from numbing difficult emotions to self-care techniques that help you process them, you’re changing the focus from hurting yourself to loving yourself.

Self-care techniques like meditation and keeping a journal of your experiences and emotions can help you process negative emotions. It’s a great way to focus on healing and stay sober while you do.

2. Avoid Triggering Environments

Every addict knows there are certain environments that trigger a strong urge to use their substance of choice. This might be a familiar place where you used to use, or it might be when you’re around certain people who enable your addiction.

When you’re in a triggering environment, the best thing you can do is leave immediately. If that’s not a possibility for some reason, then excuse yourself, go to the restroom, and take a few moments to be mindful of your urges, thoughts, and emotions. Take ten deep breaths to help calm yourself, or call a buddy to talk you through the moment.

3. Honest Self-Reflection

Another thing all addicts do to remain sober is that they engage in honest self-reflection. Notice the emotions you’re going through when you feel the urge to use, and start the process of exploring the roots of those emotions.

It’s very common to think that if you’re feeling bad – ashamed, angry, sad, etc. – it will last forever. The truth is that if you let yourself sit with your emotions, you’ll notice they constantly shift.

Many addicts like to make a list of their triggering emotions and come up with a healthy strategy to use when they start feeling them. This helps you honestly practice self-reflection techniques in a different and healthier way.

4. Health-Focused Lifestyle

You know that addiction is not healthy for you, but you sometimes don’t know what to do instead to work through those difficult times when you want to use. The key to remaining sober is to turn that energy into a healthy outlet.

By focusing on a healthy lifestyle, you will turn to exercise or grab a healthy snack instead of doing something to harm yourself. You’ll discover your sense of self-worth, and you’ll want to stay sober.

5. Reach Out to a Peer

One of the most effective strategies all addicts do to remain sober is to reach out to a peer community member or accountability partner. This is someone who knows what it feels like to get those strong urges.

They are someone you can talk to, and they will understand. This is one of the most helpful ways you can stay sober because, when you talk to a peer, you know you’re not alone.

Sober Sidekick – Your Peer Community

Sober Sidekick is a social media platform and app that you can use to contact someone who understands. Isolation is one of the most triggering feelings, and reaching out to a peer can help you see that you’re not alone.

The Sober Sidekick app lets you reach out to peers, connect to accountability partners, join a virtual AA meeting 24/7, or even reach out to a professional if the going gets too tough. Give it a try today to help yourself remain sober.

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