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5 Things to Say to Support a Recovering Addict

Supporting someone in addiction recovery is not always an easy thing to do. You may have watched them go through several challenges, and they may have done things that have threatened your relationship with them.

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what to say when they’re finally in recovery, and you want to support them. Here are 5 things you can say to show your support.

1. I Love You

This is a simple one if the person in recovery is someone close to you. Just knowing that you love them can help them to deal with their intense feelings of guilt and shame.

Everyone needs someone to love them, and if you love an addict, letting them know can make the difference between recovery and relapse.

2. I’m Here to Help

You can’t assume you know what your loved one needs to support them through recovery, but letting them know that you’re in it to help them win it can mean all the world to them. Let them know you’re here to help and ask them what you can do.

Maybe they just need someone to listen to them, or perhaps, they would like to go to yoga with you. Ask them what you can do, and then be there to do it. That gives them control over their recovery journey, and it includes your kind support.

3. Let’s Get Together

Many addicts deal with profound loneliness. They feel alone enough as it is with their addiction, so sometimes all they need is to spend a little time with someone they love.

Letting them know that you would like to spend time together can help relieve their sense of isolation and their fear that they have alienated everyone in their life.

4. I Think You’re Brave

Letting an addict know that you think what they’re doing takes courage is a great way to support them in their recovery journey. It offers motivation and lets them know you actually think more of them, not less, for what they’re doing.

There’s enough social stigma around addiction to make many addicts reticent to talk about their condition, but that’s exactly why so many of them relapse. Letting them know you’re proud of what they’re doing can help prevent that.

5. You are Not Alone

You might say this in many contexts. Perhaps you’re also a recovering addict, and if so, you might consider sharing your story with your loved one. When they can see that other people have gone through this, they don’t feel as though they’re broken.

You might also say this, however, if you know other people who have gone through it. Just letting your loved one know that many people suffer from addiction can really help them to feel less isolated.

If you don’t know of anyone who is also a recovering addict, you can still let your loved one know that approximately 20% of the US population suffers some kind of addiction. Millions of people are in the same boat as your loved one. They are most definitely not alone.

Sober Sidekick Can Help

If your loved one wants proof they are not alone and a connection to a peer community of more than 150,000 recovering addicts, Sober Sidekick is here to help. The Sober Sidekick app gives them 24/7 support at the touch of a button.

They can make connections with community members, accountability partners, and addiction counselors. They can even join a virtual AA meeting any time they need it. This is a community of people who know what it’s like, and they want to help.

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