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7 Biggest Reasons Addicts Relapse

The relapse rates for addiction are astounding! Between 40 - 60% of people relapse within the first 30 days, and a whopping 85% will relapse within the first year.

It makes recovery sound almost impossible, but it’s important to remember that a relapse doesn’t mean you’ve failed – you can get back on the wagon. Learning about the most common reasons addicts relapse can help you understand why the numbers are so large and how to avoid a relapse.

1. Withdrawal Can Be Difficult and Longlasting

Withdrawal from your substance of choice is never easy, and for some substances, it can be dangerous. Understanding what the withdrawal will be like in your situation can help you manage it better.

It’s also important to seek help coping with withdrawal from a medical doctor and a psychologist. They can help you get through that painful period.

2. They Don’t Treat the Underlying Problem

Many addicts think that stopping using means just not doing it anymore. They don’t explore further the reasons behind their addiction.

To truly get and stay sober, you must slay your demons. You became an addict for a reason, and you have to understand that reason to finally be free.

3. They Don’t Change Their Friends

You might like your friends who are also addicts. They might be great people, but they’re addicted too. When you want to change that for yourself, you have to say goodbye to people who will encourage you – either directly or indirectly – to keep using.

They might not push the substance on you, but just watching them engage in use makes it very hard for you to avoid a relapse.

4. They Don’t Avoid Triggering Situations

Many addicts think they can keep going to the bar or casino or be around any other people, places, or things that triggered their use. They think they’re sober now, and they won’t succumb to temptation.

It’s important to remember that they don’t call addiction a bad habit for nothing. The temptation to use is strong when you’re triggered. In fact, it’s almost impossible to resist, which is why you have to avoid your triggers.

5. They Don’t Develop Healthy coping Strategies

Avoiding triggers isn’t the only thing you have to do. You actually have to replace your bad habit with healthy habits and coping strategies.

Substance use is a strategy you developed to cope with some kind of trauma, but it’s not a healthy one. You still need a way to cope, you just want it to be something that’s good for you instead of something that’s bad.

That’s why you have to change your habits to help you deal with life’s everyday stressors.

6. They Think They’re Cured and Can Use Again

Addiction can’t be cured. It can be managed so that you successfully stay sober, but you’ll never be cured.

That’s why addicts who are sober still say they’re a recovering addict. They know that they aren’t cured, even if they’ve got 20 years sober.

When you walk away from addiction, you walk away from using for the rest of your life. Period.

7. They Feel Isolated

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons addicts relapse is that they feel isolated. They feel like they’re the only ones in the world with this problem.

Nothing could be further from the truth. There are over 21 million Americans with at least one addiction. You are not alone, and you don’t have to face recovery alone.

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