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Accountability Partners: How They Can Help

We all set goals for ourselves – whether big goals or small milestones – but achieving our goals requires determination, willpower, and support. It may not surprise you that 80 percent of people stop pursuing their New Year’s resolution by February each year.

Look at social media on any given year in January, and you’ll find people who have posted about a goal, but few people actually follow through and achieve it. One way to achieve the goals that you set for yourself is to have someone rooting for you and keeping you on track.

An accountability partner can be a game changer for hitting milestones and achieving your ultimate goal. This is especially true when trying to change a habit or beat an addiction of any kind.

Do you have an accountability partner? Do you need one? In this article, we’ll explore accountability partners in the context of addiction.

What’s an Accountability Partner?

An accountability partner can take on many different forms. Essentially, an accountability partner helps you stay focused on your goals, keeps you on track, and holds you accountable, as it implies. The best accountability partners know how to be firm but empathetic, and they sometimes deliver tough love to help increase your chances of success.

You may have had informal accountability partners without giving them this formal name or even thinking about it. Just think of someone in your life who was the right person at the right time who inspired you to be your best self, strive, or just pushed you when you needed it the most.

This could be a sports coach when you were younger, a parent or family member or friend, a teacher, or maybe a partner. If you have someone in your life now that’s willing to be an accountability partner, congratulations!

The best accountability partners provide honest feedback and are willing to spend some amount of time with you to help you work through your goals and even your fears. Frequently touching base and having meetups on a regular basis are important in an accountability relationship.

Not everyone has this person in their life, but regardless, everyone needs some type of support system, and building a strong support system is key when you’re going through challenging times in life. When you’re trying to beat an addiction, you need to dig deep at times to find your inner strength to keep going toward your goal.

Types of Accountability Partners

A good accountability partner helps you achieve your personal goals and provides a check-in. They’re perfect when procrastination sneaks in or you need some extra motivation, and there are different types of good accountability partners.

Below are a few examples of different types of partners.

Reciprocal Partner

When someone has similar goals as you, they will understand the challenges you’re facing first-hand. If they’re going through the paces of goal setting alongside you and doing the same hard work you’re doing, you’ll truly feel like you have a partner.

This could be a person you know well, or it could be someone in a support program who is also fighting addiction. Just be sure you don’t pick someone who will do the opposite and drag you back down with them. The key to this type of accountability partnership is ensuring it’s a two-way street. You get what you give. Be selective — your comeback story is worth it.

Trusted Partner

This person could be anyone in your social circle, a colleague, friend, family member, or someone with similar interests. They may know you really well, or you may have developed a more recent connection with them.

They don’t necessarily need to be going through the same challenges you are, but if they are vested in your success and sobriety, and you can trust them, consider asking them to be your accountability partner.

Believe it or not, there are people who want to help you with nothing in return. It can be hard to find these people sometimes, but if you bring your best self to relationships, it will eventually return to you.

Mentor Partner

Sometimes you need an accountability partner who’s a mentor who has been down your path and made it to the other side of sobriety. These accountability relationships can be extremely impactful because the power of accountability can be maximized when someone has been in the trenches with an addiction.

They know how hard it is to break bad habits all too well, and they know strategies for extinguishing negative thoughts. Finding the right accountability partner is a personal choice and is different for everyone.

If you have a partner who has your best interest at heart, they can be your partner in staying accountable — your rock — as some people refer to this person. One study showed that a relationship with reciprocal accountability is instrumental in creating shared progress toward recovery goals.

You may be reading this and thinking that you don’t have this person in your life or need help finding an accountability partner. Don’t worry — we’ve got your back. Keep reading to learn where you can find one!

How Do I Find an Accountability Partner?

Fighting an addiction can be a private matter and something you may not feel comfortable sharing with people close to you. It’s best to let family and close friends know if your goal is to quit substance abuse, but everyone’s situation and family dynamic is different.

Look within your social circle, as well as family members. Is there anyone you trust enough to be your accountability partner? Also, remember that they have to be willing to agree to this important role. Not everyone has the desire or capacity to take this on with you.

External accountability and support are critical for maintaining sobriety. One study showed that 30 percent of people who started and maintained recovery could do so due to the support of peers, family, or friends.

Have you considered finding an accountability buddy through a sobriety app? Keep reading to learn more about your 24/7 accountability app!

Meet Sober Sidekick – Your Partner in Accountability

Imagine logging on to your phone at any hour of the day and talking to one or more accountability partners who are vested in helping you succeed. You don’t have to imagine it because it already exists. Meet Sober Sidekick — a sobriety app that was created to help you stay accountable.

It’s downloadable and 100 percent free. The app was created by someone just like you who beat addiction, and now he’s on a mission to help others. Check out all the features Sober Sidekick offers!

Sobriety counter –track the first day you quit substance abuse and track each milestone along the way — all on the app!

Daily motivations – receive messages daily that will motivate you and keep you on track for your goals. Sometimes encouraging words or inspiring quotes are just what you need to keep going.

Messaging – Find accountability partners through messaging. There are over 180,000 people on the app, and membership is growing quickly. Find your support person and keep each other on track. Learn from others to find strategies that work to stay sober.

Give-to-Receive support – Help yourself while helping others. Having gratitude for a supportive community is all about having a two-way street and reciprocating.

24/7 Meetings – Joining a virtual meeting is as easy as a few clicks on your phone. You can find a meeting that works for your schedule. With Sober Sidekick, there is always someone there to support your goals.

Who Are the Members of Sober Sidekick?

Members of Sober Sidekick come from all walks of life. We are from different social classes, age groups, and geographic areas in the U.S. Our membership is multiplying because addiction is a growing problem. Sober Sidekick offers convenient and effective support because it’s accessible to everyone.

Addiction is a problem many people face. In fact, 15.3 million people have a dependence on drugs or alcohol.

Sober Sidekick is a non-judgmental group of people who supports one another, celebrates wins, and provides support when relapse happens. If you have been looking for a way to start your sobriety journey or a way to continue it, check out our free sobriety app.

Get Support Today

If you’re suffering from addiction and substance abuse is negatively impacting your life, don’t delay getting help. Reach out today to Sober Sidekick and start by downloading the free app.

You can get the support you need, find partners in accountability, and learn strategies to beat your addiction and reach your goals. What are you waiting for? Take the first step towards an addiction-free life today!


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This is a compelling and motivating post! It's so true that achieving our goals often requires more than just setting them; it takes determination and support. The statistic about New Year’s resolutions is a stark reminder of how easy it is to fall off track. Having an accountability partner can indeed make a huge difference, especially when tackling challenging habits or addictions but also check More details to have njmc direct ticket there. They provide the encouragement and check-ins needed to stay focused and committed. I'm looking forward to reading more about how accountability partners can specifically help in the context of addiction. Thanks for sharing this valuable insight!

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