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Best Apps to Find AA Meetings

When you need an AA meeting, you need it now! But it can be hard to find a meeting near you or even join a virtual meeting. This is especially true if you’re traveling and don’t know the area.

There are, however, several apps that can help you find a meeting anywhere in the world. To make it easier, we’ve compiled this list of the best apps to find AA meetings.

The Meeting Guide App is the AA app that is free of charge and helps you find a meeting in many places around the world. It has over 100,000 weekly meetings currently listed, and they refresh the list two times each day.

It also lists both in-person and online meetings and provides times, locations, and meeting names. Additionally, it gives you extra information like the meeting format and any notes that have been provided by the group.

The Pink Cloud: AA Meeting Finder offers worldwide coverage and boasts an impressive 250,000 + 12-Step meetings listed. They also list online as well as in-person meetings, and they provide information on multiple 12-step programs, such as AA, NA, CMA, and Al-Anon meetings.

They also note that users have complete privacy with no passwords or logins required. They make finding any kind of meeting you need quick, easy, and private.

The Meeting Finder App is another handy app that lists over 100,000 AA meetings worldwide. It’s available for all of your different devices, and it’s easy to search by inputting your location. You don’t have to wait to find a meeting anymore with apps like these.

The Sober Sidekick app is both an app and social media platform that gives you connectivity to a huge community of recovering addicts just like you. You can connect to a virtual AA meeting 24/7, so anytime you need it, you can find that valuable support that will help you through those difficult moments.

Aside from meeting information, this app also lets you chat with a professional if you feel you need that extra support. What’s more, you can get support from empathetic community members who know the score. You can also connect with an accountability partner to help keep you on the sober path.

Connection is Key

At Sober Sidekick, we’ve had tremendous success with ensuring our members can connect with empathetic people who are also recovering addicts. In fact, our data show that making those vital connections reduces your likelihood of relapse by an amazing 18%.

That’s why we believe in offering you numerous options for connecting with compassionate people who know the score. If you need a little extra, you can also connect with a professional addictions counselor to get you through.

Staying sober is a journey, and there will be plenty of hiccups along the way. The important thing is to know you are not alone, and when you need, a community of people who understand and won’t judge you are at your fingertips! Give the Sober Sidekick app a try today, and you’ll receive tremendous support when you need it most!

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