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Community Support: 5 Benefits Addicts Gain from It

We all need a little help from our friends every now and again, and that includes addicts. If an addict enters recovery, they have a strong need for community support.

Addicts get several benefits from the support of a strong social support network, as noted in a 2010 study published in the journal Substance Abuse. Let’s take a look at 5 benefits addicts gain from community support.

1. Motivation

Motivation is one of the most important benefits addicts gain from community support. Many addicts get sober because they are motivated by someone they love.

When they’re in recovery and struggling to stay sober, peer community support can provide the motivation they need to keep going even when it’s painful. That’s why establishing and maintaining strong interpersonal relationships can be of great benefit to a recovering addict.

2. Provides an Outlet for Non-Drug/Alcohol Related Activities

Community support from loving friends and family also gives the addict something to do that’s not related to substance abuse. When they enter recovery, many addicts don’t know what to do with their time now that they’re not using.

Social support from people with the addict’s best interests at heart can help them find productive, healthy ways of spending their time. They can help to redirect that negative energy into positive activities.

3. Resources for a New Substance-Free Life

Another thing that positive community support can provide for an addict has to do with the resources they may need to rebuild their life. Many addicts have lost their job and many of the resources they may have had available prior to their addiction.

Strong social support can provide access to vital resources for helping them to reestablish a substance-free life. That can be critical for staying sober since it can help to alleviate the stress that might trigger cravings for use.

4. Sense of Purpose

Strong social support networks can also provide recovering addicts with the sense of purpose they may have previously lacked. Peer communities and community bonds, in general, can help the addict see that their life has value.

Supportive community members can help an addict rediscover the purpose for their life, and when that happens, it’s a powerful motivation to stay sober. It gives them a reason to stay on track.

5. Lessens the Sense of Isolation Addicts Experience

Perhaps most important of all, strong community support helps the addict feel less isolated. Addicts often feel that they are the only ones in the world with this problem. They feel alone, and that is strong motivation to turn to some kind of substance for a little company.

Peer communities help the addict understand that they are not alone, and they give them someone to turn to who understands what they’re going through. That’s particularly important when they’re having cravings or feeling triggered, and it can make the difference between a relapse and staying sober.

Sober Sidekick is Your Place for Community Support

If you’re looking for a strong community of people who know exactly what you’re going through, Sober Sidekick has got what you’re looking for. It’s an app and social media platform of over 150,000 peers who won’t judge you.

They will instead support you through the difficulties many addicts experience in recovery. You can reach out to peers and accountability partners for the support you need any time of day or night. You can also join a virtual AA meeting 24/7, and the platform also includes professional addiction counselors who can help with the bigger problems associated with addiction.

When it comes to community support, there’s none better than Sober Sidekick. Give it a try today for the support you need. You won’t be disappointed.

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