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Could You Be a High-Functioning Addict? 3 Signs

Many people are surprised to learn someone they know is an addict because they haven’t lost their job or even their spouse. They equate the ability to keep things together with evidence that person does not suffer from an addiction.

But it is possible for addicts to be high-functioning. They can keep it together, but that doesn’t mean they’re not addicted. Let’s look at 3 signs you might be a high-functioning addict and why you might not lose everything.

1. I Can Explain

High-functioning addicts know they have to explain things that don’t add up. When their friends feel uncomfortable about something they said or did, they always come up with a great explanation.

They will never admit that they just didn’t get something done or were wasting time instead of doing something you asked them to do. Often, however, their explanation is a little too detailed and long.

If you’re late to an appointment, for example, you might come up with an excuse like a flat tire or some other emergency, and if you’re not an addict, you’ll leave it at that. An addict, however, will tell you where they were on the highway when the tire got flat, who they called to help them, and how they need to get all their tires checked since these were relatively new.

In short, the addict’s explanation will never be short. It’s overly detailed, and those details are usually something that doesn’t add to the story. They’re fluff designed to distract family, friends, and colleagues from the real problem.

2. All Your Friends are Addicts

If you’re not an addict, you might have one or two friends who are, but if you are an addict, most of your friends are addicted as well. Addicts judge themselves harshly for their addiction, so they prefer to surround themselves with people who won’t discourage their use.

That means other addicts. They won’t judge you, and they’re happy to use with you when you’re wanting some self-medication. If you look around and all you see are addicts, you’re probably an addict yourself.

This is one very big reason why recovering addicts have to get a new circle of friends. They are around too many people who will trigger their use instead of supporting their sobriety.

3. Nothing Really Interests You

If you find that you’re losing your interests and your zest for life, that's one uncommon behavioral sign of a high-functioning addict. Sure, everyone’s interests change somewhat over time, but when addiction takes over your life, you really don’t care about anything else.

All an addict is interested in is getting their substance of choice and using. Addiction takes over everything, even for the high-functioning addict. Of course, this also causes a loss of energy.

Sober Sidekick Can Help

If you think you might be a high-functioning addict, Sober Sidekick can help. It’s a community of peers who know exactly what addiction is like. There’s no judgment here, and you can reach out for help anytime you need it.

High-functioning or not, Sober Sidekick is here to help. Join today, and you won’t have to go through this recovery journey alone.

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