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Sober Sidekick | The Support-Driven Sobriety App

Getting sober takes determination, a plan, and a support system. The best chance for getting and staying sober is having a community of supportive people and knowing you can lean on them when you need them most. Studies show active engagement with a peer support group is a key component of addiction recovery. Support is available, and you’re not alone.

Support groups can be found in many places, but the best support for you is the kind that’s convenient and that you will use. Sobriety apps are quickly becoming the go-to choice for addiction recovery.

With a smartphone, sobriety apps provide you with an entire community of support in the palm of your hand. Over 150,000 people have found support through the Sober Sidekick App.

What’s the Purpose of a Sobriety App?

The purpose of a sobriety app is to access support whenever you need it. Whether on Apple iOS or Android, these apps provide mindfulness check-ins, community support, and other mental health features to help your sobriety journey. Unlike traditional face-to-face meetings, sobriety apps are like an on-demand resource that works on your schedule and your terms.

With the Sober Sidekick app, you can tap into as much or as little support as you need. Some people in recovery start exclusively using the sobriety counter. Others are interested in the social network that comes with the sober community.

You can completely customize the app to work for you at your pace and even remain anonymous if you choose.

Stay Sober From Your Smartphone

Addiction recovery requires hard work and dedication, and convenience is critical to stick with it. Your recovery program must work with your schedule.

Establishing a convenient recovery program and a support community in the early days of recovery is important, as relapse rates point out. One study showed that 33 percent of people in recovery relapsed, and 75 percent of those people relapsed within the first year. Having the right tools, strategies, and a support group in place will lessen your chance of relapse and guide you toward a sober life.

Many seeking sobriety see their smartphone as smart recovery — it’s always with them when needed. It’s a great sober tool when you have cravings and need to talk with someone who understands.

At times, people trying to get sober fear judgment from their loved ones and personal inner circle. Sober Sidekick is a judgment-free partner in sobriety.

Premium Features of the Sobriety Sidekick App

The Sober Sidekick app provides you with premium app features that include the following:

24/7 Community Support

Imagine having the support of a sober community at your fingertips 24/7 — at any time of day or night, you can connect with someone who feels the same way you do, with your best interest and well-being at heart. Sober Sidekick provides support anytime you need it.

This level of support mimics an addiction recovery outpatient program but offers a lot more convenience. Some, however, choose to combine the app with an outpatient program they’re already doing.

There’s something soothing about connecting with people who have already been down the sobriety road you’re traveling because they fully understand. It can be very motivating to talk to them and hear that everything turned out alright, despite setbacks, self-doubt, and maybe even previous relapses with other treatment programs.

Sobriety Counter To Stay Accountable

They’re called sobriety counters, sobriety clocks, sobriety trackers, or sobriety calculators. At Sober Sidekick, we refer to these milestone trackers as the number of days after you decided to quit. Sober days are important milestones, and marking them motivates and reminds you just how far you’ve come — even if that is one or two days.

Whatever substance use you’re fighting, whether you have an alcohol addiction and want to quit drinking or battling a cannabis addiction, the sobriety counter adds a little structure and accountability to the day you decided “no more.”

Give-to-Receive Support

Based on the idea of a gratitude-based community, when you choose to use the give-to-receive support function, you commit to giving support as much as being open to receiving it. This small commitment can be powerful and creates trust, which is important in addiction recovery. You can give support and check for notifications to receive support back.

Sometimes the best way to establish trust is to start with yourself. When someone else believes in you, it permits you to believe in yourself.

Daily Motivational Messages

Have you noticed that sometimes you get a small, motivational message right when you need it? This sometimes happens, and it happens often on the Sobriety Sidekick app. The app includes daily motivations that can help with affirmations, helps in making daily pledges, and even offers daily meditations.

Also, when you choose to give motivation to others, the app unlocks new motivations for you. This encourages a give-and-take community that’s highly effective in addiction recovery.

Professional Support — If You Need It

The Sobriety Sidekick app also has resources for professional support if you feel you need it. You can use the app as a stand-alone resource in your recovery or layer it with other strategies, treatment plans, or professional counseling.

When Is the Right Time To Join a Sobriety App?

Sobriety Sidekick has people in its community within all phases of recovery — from just deciding to get sober today to those celebrating the happier, healthier life that recovery can bring.

There are no wrong times to join a sobriety app. At Sober Sidekick, we welcome everyone.

Below are a few examples of when it might feel like the right time for you. Are you ready?

  • When you finally feel ready to get sober

  • When you’re curious about sobriety

  • When you’ve unsuccessfully tried other treatment options

  • After you’ve relapsed and you’re ready to restart

  • After you’ve left inpatient therapy and want to be accountable

  • After you’ve gotten sober and you want to live a sober life

How Do You Get Sober?

The sobriety journey is different for everyone. No two journeys are alike, although they may have similarities. You’re a unique individual with your own set of challenges and history.

To get sober, consider the following:

  • Know your motivations

  • Use free resources

  • Don’t suffer in isolation

  • Engage in healthy habits

Know Your Motivations

You have your own motivations for getting sober, and determining why sobriety is important to you is a great starting point.

One of the top reasons people cite as a desire to get sober is to be healthy. Addiction can have negative impacts on your health, putting you at risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke, lung disease, and cancer.

Other motivations to get sober include relief from financial distress caused by an addiction, the desire to mend broken relationships caused by addiction and to start living a full life again.

Your reasons for quitting substance abuse are personal, and you can choose to share them with a community of empathetic, supportive members on the app or keep your reasons private. With the Sober Sidekick app, you are always in control of how much you share or don’t share and how you use the app.

Use Free Resources

Once you’ve established your reasons for committing to sobriety, you should evaluate all the resources available. There are many free resources available. Deciding what works best for you starts with understanding your treatment options.

You’ve likely heard of 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous. Many people have gotten sober through AA, and community support is one of the key reasons behind the program's success.

Attending live AA meetings can be challenging for some people, depending on their schedules. It’s one of many reasons sobriety apps have gained popularity.

Don’t Suffer in Isolation

Addiction recovery in isolation is a lonely place that can sometimes feel hopeless. Know that you’re not alone; community support is addiction’s worst enemy. With the Sober Sidekick app, you can connect with accountability partners to touch base, keep each other on track, and communicate your goals, struggles, and wins!

Engage in Healthy Habits

Combining the Sober Sidekick app with other strategies will set you up for success. One very effective strategy is to engage in healthy habits. Whether you begin new habits or pick up an old hobby, making time for healthy habits shows you that you’re worth it.

When you schedule new healthy habits and routines, like getting exercise, meditating, or photography, you have less time for negative thoughts and cravings.

Give Sober Sidekick a Try!

We know this community can help you stay sober, and now it’s time for you to try it too! You are not alone, and we’re here to help. Download the Sober Sidekick app today on iPhone or Android at the app store, and find your people!


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It's a very cool app, and I sometimes think that people lack this kind of thing, so that they always have someone who can support them at any time, which is very important. I remember once when all my files were deleted from my phone, but thank God these guys helped me solve this issue, because without them, I would definitely need help with both phone issues and mental health issues, because I had my whole life in my phone. And I am very inspired by the fact that the phone can help a person solve their problems, it gives motivation and determination in their actions.

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