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Why Your Sobriety Journey Needs Sober Sidekick

Everybody needs a sidekick to help them on their journey, and a sobriety journey is no different. At Sober Sidekick, we know that success means making human connections with a community of people who understand where you’re at and what it takes to succeed.

The Sober Sidekick platform facilitates those helpful connections so that you can stay on track during your sobriety journey. It’s easy, anonymous, and full of empathetic members. Here’s how the system works and why it is so successful!

Sober Sidekick Tracks Your Sobriety

Sober Sidekick gives you an easy way to track your personal sobriety. You can see when you achieve those all-important milestones and share them with a community of sobriety partners who will help you celebrate!

Tracking sober time in the app is intuitive and easy, so you can set and achieve your personal goals more readily. With the support of over 150,000 compassionate members, you’ll always have someone to celebrate with when you do achieve your milestones.

Virtual AA Meetings

Need a meeting? Sober Sidekick allows you to join a virtual AA meeting any time of the day or night. When you need a meeting, you usually need it right now, and with this platform, you have the ability to join in virtually whenever you need it.

AA meetings are among the most effective ways to stay sober, and now you can get into a meeting right when you need it the most!

Giving and Receiving Support

The Sober Sidekick perspective is I (Ego) can’t stay sober, WE can stay sober. Our results indicate that new members who post on the platform regularly dramatically reduce the chances of relapsing.

A community of empathetic people who understand how difficult it is to overcome an addiction can greatly improve your results. At Sober Sidekick, there’s no judgment, just compassion and support, and that’s exactly what a good sidekick does.

Daily Motivations

Sober Sidekick also provides you with daily motivations to keep you inspired and keep you on track. Sometimes a little motivation is all you need to keep the flow going!

And when you give support to other community members, you unlock even more motivation for your sobriety journey. It’s all about being a part of a community that builds individual success.

Professional Help Available

Let’s face it, sometimes, you need more than a sobriety partner. Sometimes you need to talk to a professional. At Sober Sidekick, you can chat with a professional whenever you need to. They can help you explore those complex emotions that underlie your desire to use.

Maintain Anonymity

One of the biggest keys to a successful recovery journey is being able to retain your anonymity while you share your story. These are profoundly personal stories of addiction and recovery, and that’s why Sober Sidekick provides an anonymous platform where you can choose what to reveal, how much, and when. There’s no judgment here, just empathy and a shared sense of support.

Join the Sober Sidekick Community Today

With all these great features, the Sober Sidekick app is just what you need for your sobriety journey. Your sidekick will help you keep accountable and give you all the compassionate support you need to be successful!

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